Saturday, February 20, 2010

Multiple Product Situations

In real life, most of the firms turn out many products. Here also, there is no problem with regard to the calculation of BE point. However, the assumption has to be made that the sales mix remains constant. This is defined as the relative proportion of each product’s sale to total sales. It could be expressed as a ratio such as 2:4:6, or as a percentage as 20%, 40%, 60%.

The calculation of breakeven point in a multi-product firm follows the same pattern as in a single product firm. While the numerator will be the same fixed costs, the denominator now will be weighted average contribution margin. The modified formula is as follows:

Breakeven point (in units) =
Fixed costs

Weighted average contribution margin per unit
One should always remember that weights are assigned in proportion to the relative sales of all products. Here, it will be the contribution margin of each product multiplied by its quantity.

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